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JULY 20, 2012


August 8, 2012

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MARCH 20,2010



Praise for Stagecraft Fundamentals: A Guide and Reference for Theatrical ProductionThis text has tempted me to return to teaching with a textbook for the first time in 7-8 years.  The language is both accessible and informal yet the text goes a long way to debunking some of the typical jargon that may alienate students just getting into the field, or trying it out for the first time.  The illustrations (the text is full of them) coupled with the stories reinforce the fundamental information being conveyed.
--John Paul Devlin, Associate Professor of Theatre at Saint Michael’s College

Beautifully written! The author has succeeded in relaying technical theatre information without being too technical and putting the reader to sleep. I read three sentences and instantly knew this book was for me and the way I teach. When I think back on the insufferable intro to tech theatre books I had to read, I feel cheated I didn’t have this one as a student. I will be using this text in my class!
--Rob Napoli, Designer and Technical Director at Penn State University, Berks Campus

This book is gorgeous.  The illustrations and images are great because they are not only pretty to look at, but provide a great deal of information to support the text.  Rita uses a textual style that is entertaining as well as easy to understand.  Each chapter is clearly laid out and the study words at the end of each chapter are a great way to get the students to understand the importance of the vocabulary that is expected to be used in the entertainment industry.  I really appreciate the step-by-step techniques that she uses in the scene painting section.  Nicely done!
--JC Laucks, Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Design & Technical Theatre at Tulsa Community College

Stagecraft Fundamentals is beautifully illustrated throughout, and the profusion of color on every page gives this textbook the appearance of a coffee table book.  The writing is clear and personal, which should be very appealing to students.  Rita Carver covers all aspects of theatre production from scenery, to lighting, to an actor’s makeup.  Her close ties to the New York theatre scene gives this book a special insight into the professional world, one that goes well beyond what is found in most college textbooks.
--John Holloway, Professor in the Theatre Department at the University of Kentucky and President of the International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 346

I think it is excellent. The conversational, easy flow makes it pretty easy reading.  The inclusion of quotes that are theatre related further brings it to life. It seems that it could even become a book for the general public that wishes to have an even deeper understanding of theatre.  Adding the job/career portion significantly adds to it. In any industry, not just theatre, it is easy not to see all the related areas that a person’s skills can be utilized.  I will be using this book in my class.
--Allan Seward, Westchester Community College

I like the way the book is written.  I like the conversational tone.  If a book puts me to sleep, and most do, you’ve lost a student.  And I haven’t fallen asleep yet!
--Peter J. Ray, Designer

What a great idea!  Thank heavens someone is doing this for students at that impressionable age.  That has been one of my mantras - education of teachers and students on the use of scenic materials.  The teachers don't have enough time in college to learn and do everything they have to teach.  Most get thrown into the theatre area by default and struggle with designing/building/painting the scenery. 
--Jenny Knott, Rosco

Written in a user-friendly conversational tone, Rita Carver’s new book provides a wonderful addition to the existing series of books created to introduce newcomers to backstage skills and careers. Wonderfully complete and filled with hundreds of images, most of them in color, the book covers topics ranging from theatre history through scenic design, drafting, construction, and painting, as well as safety, makeup, sound, lighting, effects, and stage management. While the chapters provide a thorough survey of all subjects, the book is packed with illustrations and photos; a lot of them drawn from nationally recognized professionals and companies. Stagecraft Fundamentals will supply students of stagecraft with a solid foundation of the body of knowledge required to pursue a career in backstage theatre or one of its numerous avenues of employment.
--Dennis Dorn, Professor of Theatre Technology and Faculty Technical Director at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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