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Stagecraft Fundamentals, Second Edition is a comprehensive overview of ALL areas in theatrical production. Where other textbooks focus on only certain areas, I cover every area - in an easy to understand way. Students will finish the book with an understanding of not only the basics in each area, but with a plan for their own future careers.

Stagecraft Fundamentals, Second Edition is a strong, good, clear, up-to-date textbook/reference on beginning stagecraft.  The text caters to the beginning student in technical theatre, while at the same time will not exclude the more advanced student.  Each chapter establishes a base of information.  That base will be built upon within the chapter to show the student how to take his knowledge to the next level.  As the student progresses through academia into the professional world, Stagecraft Fundamentals, Second Edition goes with them as a thorough reference and guide for their future careers.

Theatre is a visual business.  Stagecraft Fundamentals, Second Edition relies on state-of-the-art computer illustrations, both 2D and 3D, to clearly explain various topics.  Photographs, both B&W and color, will show equipment and  techniques step by step through their process.  In order to stay current, this book will need to utilize the technology of today including this web site containing current catalogs from a wide variety of manufacturers.  It will also contain lists, organized by geographic region, of vendors, unions, and rental houses.  The premise, design is always design.  Over time only the implementation may change, and it is important to take advantage of that to better relate to your audience.

Rita Kogler Carver (Emmy Award Winner)